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About Lyons Federal Bank.

Exactly one hundred years ago, a group of business leaders joined together to create the financial center that would become Lyons Federal Bank.

Their objectives were both simple and essential to a growing community: Give the people of Rice County a safe and secure place to keep their money and earn interest; then use the bank’s resources to provide home loans to help build Lyons into a city of homeowners.

While the financial world of 2013 is vastly different from the realities of 1913, we still share those founding objectives.

Above all else, we are a bank dedicated to our community. In our support of local education, sports and civic events, we stand shoulder to shoulder with you to build a better Lyons and Rice County.

Though our objectives have remained constant, the financial tools we offer  today are far beyond anything our founders could have imagined.

We now have the resources and flexibility to meet your needs in any area of finance. From checking to certificates to investments. From home loans to business loans to ag loans. From easy-to-use-and-understand accounts to advice to make sense of a complicated market, Lyons Federal Bank is here for you.

Lyons Federal Bank puts your money as close as the nearest ATM, drive-through lane, even your phone. We also use “real time” posting, so your account balance immediately reflects transactions the minute they’re posted.

Looking forward, we’ll kick off our second century by introducing new banking innovations including mobile banking, e-statement services and many more — all backed by a never-ending commitment to be there for you and our communities.

Imagine the possibilities.