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Compromised Debit Card Questions Answered.

What is a compromised card?
A compromised card is a card that is at risk of being used fraudulently.  Cards may be compromised due to computer theft, unauthorized network intrusion, or other types of suspicious activity.  This can happen at a store where you shopped or as your card number and payment information travel electronically through the processing system.

How does Lyons Federal Bank handle compromise notifications?
We require issuance of new cards for affected customers.  Customers will receive a phone call, e-mail, texts and/or written notification if their card data has been compromised. Your replacement card will be ordered automatically at no charge to you.

Does this mean that I have fraud on my account?
Not necessarily. In fact, among the list of card numbers we periodically receive, only a few are affected by fraud.

How can I protect myself? 
You can protect yourself by reviewing your monthly statement(s).  In addition, you may utilize our Online Banking Service and sign up for alerts.

What do I need to do if I discover fraud on my account?
If your card has not been blocked already, call Lyons Federal Bank immediately at 620-257-2316.  After hours, call 1-800-554-8969.   

What if a fraudulent transaction clears my account and I do not have enough money to pay my bills?
We will issue you Provisional Credit while the matter is being disputed and investigated.  The important thing is that you contact us as soon as you discover any fraudulent activity.  

How long will it take to receive my replacement card?
We can print replacement cards at our Lyons and WaKeeney locations. When you receive your new card, you will be able to select the PIN (you can use your existing PIN since your card number will be new).

Will my pin number change along with my card number?
Yes, the new card number will have a new randomly generated PIN number, because the card and PIN were both compromised. 

What if I do not want to have my compromised card blocked?
Compromises are serious. Fraudulent activity may occur if the card is not blocked and it could occur days, weeks, months or even years from now. The fraud dispute process can be inconvenient and cumbersome.  While many customers do not experience fraud when a compromise is reported, the risk exposure still exists if the cards are not blocked and replaced.  To protect our customers, minimize inconvenience and losses, Lyons Federal Bank requires compromised cards be replaced.

What if I have recurring debits made to my compromised card number?
You should contact the merchant(s) immediately upon receipt of your replacement card(s) and provide them with the new card number and expiration date.

There are other authorized users with Debit Cards on this account; does this affect their card(s) too?
It may, but each Debit Card number is unique.  If other authorized users on your account have Debit Cards that were also compromised, we will take the same measures with each of those cards as we have with yours. 

Can this information be used to steal my identity?
The information encoded on the compromised card pertains strictly to the card, potentially including the card number and expiration date. Confidential information such as Social Security Numbers, driver’s license numbers, addresses and dates of birth are not stored on the card.

What can I do to keep this from re-occurring?
Unfortunately, we have no way of stopping criminals from "hacking" into databases of merchants or merchant processors.  One way to reduce your risk is to avoid use of your debit card on the Internet.  

  • Always know where your card is.  If you misplace it, call Lyons Federal Bank immediately so we can block the card from use. (After hours, call 1-800-554-8969). 
  • Never write your PIN on the card. 
  • Never carry the written PIN with you. 
  • Review your statement(s) as soon as you receive them. 
  • Utilize our Online Banking and sign up for alerts.
  • Call us immediately if you notice anything suspicious and NEVER share your card or PIN with others.

If fraud does occur on my account, what should I do?
There are certain steps to follow to receive your charge-back rights: